Friday, July 15, 2022


Facebook is supposed to be about “showing your face” to online friends, I believe, so here is a piece of me:

I was conceived at the height of WWII in German occupied Norway in 1942/43 and literally absorbed the war into my blood in my mother’s womb as she dealt with the stresses and strains of that time.

In art classes in elementary school the teacher had to put up with images of Stuka bombers and machine guns generated by myself, independently of what the art assignment was supposed to be about.

Not that there was a lot of fighting in Norway as it quickly succumbed to a well organized overwhelmingly superior force. No, it was more about the heavy oppressive fog of occupation that permeated the mind of the Norwegian people for some 5 years (1940-1945).

I am a product of that time, whether I like it or not, and renewed war in Europe makes it all bubble up again.

It has turned me into a survivalist at heart, someone who believes in the power of the individual to transcend collective oppression.

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