Sunday, July 24, 2022

Political parties

I have been involved in politics for the better part of my long life. In a fundamentally flawed system based on political parties where real loyalties are few and far between, and where self interest occupies the high seat.

Alliances are made and broken in order to create climbing ladders for the ambitious ones and provide some rewards for their supporters.
So we end up with dysfunctional ‘leaders’ like Justin Trudeau, and coming up on the conservative side, Pierre Poilievre.

As long as we are fooled by these characters into believing that they represent our interests, they will forever put it over us and use us as their ‘sheeple’, all the while privately holding us in contempt.

They are essentially political prostitutes selling themselves to the highest bidder, which is not you, nor I.

There are three ways to vote: For, against or with your feet.

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