Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tripoli bombed but steadfast

Muammar Gaddafi’s bedroom after a NATO bombing. Two other rooms in the building were also destroyed, those of his son and grandchildren all of whom were killed. The Leader himself was absent.
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by Thierry Meyssan

An international team of investigators from Voltaire Network is currently in Libya where it visited the bombing sites. With the support of the Libyan authorities, and not withstanding the war conditions, they were able to meet with a number of political leaders and security officials. What they witnessed is diametrically opposed to the accounts conveyed by the western media. Thierry Meyssan shares their initial observations

Editor: Please take note of this paragraph in a very interesting article:

"Colonel Gaddafi has armed the population. Approximately two million machine guns have already been distributed to the civilians. The idea is that each adult, man or women, should be in a position to defend his or her home. The Libyans learned the Iraqi lesson. Saddam Hussein had rested his power on the Ba’ath ruling party and the army, excluding the people from political life. When the party was decapitated and several generals defected, the State suddenly collapsed leaving the country with no resistance and floundering in chaos. Libya instead follows an original system of participative democracy, similar to the grassroots assemblies in Vermont. People are used to being consulted and assuming responsibilities. Hence, it is easy to mobilize them en masse."

Editor: With all those guns, why wouldn't Libyans simply overthrow Gaddafi if they don't like him? Full article published here

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