Saturday, June 25, 2011

Experts fear Israeli design to balkanise Arab states

Posted: 2011/06/24

Developments in Libya have raised fears among Egyptian analysts and political figures of the possible break-up of the North African nation into two warring halves.

FOR THREE months, Libya has suffered internationally sanctioned air-strikes by the western Nato alliance, launched with the stated aim of supporting the ongoing popular uprising against the Muammar Gaddafi’s regime. Revolutionary forces based in Ben Ghazi now hold most of the country’s eastern half, while forces loyal to Gaddafi continue to control the country’s western half from the capital Tripoli.

Yet the fact that Nato – despite its overwhelming air superiority – has so far failed to dislodge the Gaddafi regime has led many local observers to question the western alliance’s intentions.

“The western campaign against Libya wasn’t undertaken to protect human rights or foster democracy,” said Mohamed al-Sakhawi, leading member of Egypt’s as-yet-unlicensed Arabic Unity Party. “It was launched with the aim of breaking Libya up politically so as to prevent the unification of three revolutionary Arab states – Egypt, Libya and Tunisia – which together might pose a threat to Israeli regional dominance.” Full article posted here

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