Friday, November 26, 2010

Socreds hold successful AGM in Innisfail

The Alberta Social Credit Party held a very successful Annual General Meeting at the Royal Canadian Legion in Innisfail this Saturday, November 20, 2010. The high energy in the meeting room was palpable, partly fuelled by new members from Edmonton. Charles Relland, past-President of the Alberta Party and Bob Whyte, past Edmonton Area Director for the Alberta Party were present and reported that they had established Social Credit constituency associations in Edmonton-Calder, Edmonton-Centre and Edmonton-Goldbar.
The leadership of Len Skowronski was affirmed by the members present. A new provincial board of directors was elected: President Gordon Barrett, First Vice-President Helge Nome, Second Vice-President Garnet Medicraft, Area Directors: Myrna Kissick (Alberta Central), Gordon Musgrove (Alberta South East), Charles Relland (Edmonton West), Tom Stad (Alberta North West), Raj Sinha (Alberta South West) and Bob Whyte (Edmonton East).
In his speech to the membership, Len Skowronski focused on the huge amount of wealth Albertans have in the oilsands and the responsibility of Albertans as owners and stewards of this wealth to assure that much more of it remains in Alberta rather than being shipped out to foreigners. He concluded, “If we Albertans take control of our credits such as the oil sands, we will no longer be in debt to the bankers. The resulting wealth will provide for our social needs: health care, education, seniors’ support, communication, transportation, energy, shelter, food, etc. That’s Social Credit!”
A very illuminating presentation on Alberta credit unions was given by guest speaker Paul Kennett, President and CEO of the Alberta Credit Union Deposit Corporation. Credit unions have a special place in the hearts of Socreds. During the Great Depression, the Canadian banks, headquartered in the east, ravaged rural Alberta by seizing farms and abandoning bank branches. In order to return some financial stability to Alberta, the Social Credit government established the Alberta Treasury Branch and enacted the Credit Union Act in 1938. By 1943, 151 credit unions were registered in Alberta.
A member expressed his concern that opinion polls and social media swarming were being used to sway the electorate during election campaigns. A motion was passed requesting a provincial public inquiry into this matter and revisions to the Alberta Elections Act and Local Authorities Election Act that would prevent undue influence by these activities.

Len Skowronski
Alberta Social Credit Party
Calgary, AB

Full text of leader's speech here

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