Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Caroline remembers

Members of the Caroline community got together for two events, one in the school on November 10 and another at the Nazarene Church and the Legion Hall on November 11, to reflect on the devastation of war and those who have lost their lives in conflicts, past and present.
All students and staff at Caroline School got together in the school gymnasium on November 10 to be reminded of the ever present scourge of war. In his message, UN peacekeeping service veteran Terry McGuire noted the fact that Canada hates the acts of bullies and will stand up to them, even if it means a significant loss of life to do so. And this sacrifice must never be forgotten.
The following day, Pastor Jason Sedore from the Church of the Nazarene in Caroline dealt with the same subject from a somewhat different angle, during his address to a packed Legion Hall. Some three years ago he had spent some time in South Africa, in a Zulu community that had been devastated by the AIDS pandemic. There were no people in that community between the ages of 18 an 40 because they were all dead. He held this forward as a stark reminder of the possible consequences of the choice of war as way of dealing with problems between nations. His message became “Lest we forget.... the consequences of our choices.”

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