Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Caroline School hosts 2009/10 Junior and Senior High Awards Night

This annual event was presented by Master of Ceremonies, Mr. D. Pilipchuk on Thursday, October 28 in the school gym.
Following the singing of “O Canada”, led by Mrs. Reilander, academic, arts and sports awards were presented along with community based scholarships and bursaries to those students that had shown commitment and leadership during the 2009/10 school year. In this regard, Kailey Fauville received the following awards: Outstanding Female Athlete, First Class Honors (average of more than 90% in four core subjects), Academic Award, Alexander Rutherford Scholarship, Valedictorian Award, The Governor General’s Bronze Medal for Academics, Rocky Mountain House Auxiliary Bursary, County of Clearwater Scholarship, Red Deer College Regional High School Access Scholarship and the Caroline School Principal’s Award.
In his address to the audience, school principal Nathan Moore spoke about the elevated level of junior/senior high sports activities in later years and the construction of the new football field over the summer, which was carried out exclusively with volunteer labor and donated materials and machine time.

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Anonymous said...

In a school at least half of the students in a class should be in the honors but in caroline averaged out 8 kids are in honors for each class. Caroline's percentage of exams failed are about 40%. Brutal. look it up on the frasier intsitute. thank you.