Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Local World War II veteran Bob Dial is interviewed by Allan Cameron of the Memories Recovered Project at the Caroline Legion Hall on Thursday, May 28. He was one of several veterans inteviewed that day to preserve the personal memories of those that participated in that earth shaking event.
Allan Cameron stated:
"My vision for this project started in 2000, when Perley Cameron of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders and I talked about his time overseas and landing on Juno Beach in 1944. He agreed with me that documentation of veterans' stories is something that had to be done. To put it in his words, 'Let the young people of today know what happened so it won’t be forgotten.' Unfortunately, he passed away several months afterwards and I was unable to record his experiences. From then on, I decided to put forth an effort and ensure that as many veterans are documented as want to be"
Allan Cameron works closely with Canadian Legion representatives to realize his dream. He also does freelance video work and can be reached at alcammy@hotmail.com.

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