Tuesday, June 9, 2009


The two students pictured below were the winners of the contest that ran in the grade 8,9,10 and 11 homerooms to decide the name for a new idea that Caroline staff and students are going to run for the first time in September 2009.
Braedan Jameson came up with the name “Fall Frenzy” as the name of our new endeavor. Nicole Fortin came up with the “Harvest Ball” for the dance that will celebrate the success of the fund-raiser. The crowning of the “Lord” and “Lady” (idea submitted by Bayleigh Lyons)are the male and female coordinators of the grade that raise the most money(it is a competition between the grades) and are honored for all their hard work at the dance.
Caroline School has a group of staff members who have modeled this fund-raiser after “May Queen” that has been operating for the last 30 odd years just 30 minutes south, in Sundre. We are hoping to raise enough money in the 4 days the students are working so that this one fund-raiser can support all of the educational ideas teachers try to manage over the course of the year such as field trips, drama presentations, science demonstrations, etc.
In September, there will be lots of advertising throughout the community. If your company or farm or yard needs a job tended to such as picking rocks, cutting lawn, loading firewood, cleaning up garbage, digging potatoes, painting, just about any type of menial labor that you can think of, contracts can be sent by a student to the school and organized such that a group or two students can come out to your location and perform the job at a pre-determined contract price or per hour basis. Contracts can come from any community member or student in the school. Just remember the money total goes toward the grade of students that you hire. An elementary student(parents) are welcome to submit contracts but whichever grade completes the work gets credit for the job. There will be the annual community barbeque to kick off this event in the middle of September to provide contracts and ask questions for those of you who may consider this idea. The Caroline Fall Frenzy will be from Wednesday, September 23—Saturday, September 26th. Please mark these dates on your calendar and start thinking of all those jobs you just never seem to have time to get to! More details will be coming out in the next few months. You are welcome to call the school and get more information if we have piqued your interest.

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