Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Caroline Dance West Recital: "PASSION"

The following photos were taken at the Red Deer College Stage performance on June 5, 2009. You can download copies for free from the website or order high quality prints from:
Helge Nome, P.O.Box 354, Caroline, Alberta, TOM OMO.
Phone: 403 722 2836. Email: helgenome@hotmail.com

Photo No.1

Photo No.2

Photo No.3

Photo No.4

Photo No.5

Photo No.6

Photo No.7

Photo No.8

Photo No.9

Photo No.10

Photo No.11

Photo No.12

Photo No.13

Photo No.14

Photo No.15

Photo No.16

Photo No.17

Photo No.18

Photo No.19

Photo No.20

Photo No.21

Photo No.22

Photo No.23

Photo No.24

Photo No.25

Photo No.26

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