Saturday, October 22, 2022

Political trends

Political trends
Here in Alberta, and elsewhere, there is a marked trend towards the conservative side of the political spectrum. This Monday, Alberta’s new Premier, Danielle Smith will see her new ministers sworn into office by Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, Salma Lakhani, after having won the UCP leadership race based on reaction to Federal Government overreach into provincial affairs.

Canada’s left leaning establishment and media failed to understand the political significance of the Freedom Convoy earlier in the year and dismissed the protesters as fringe radicals.

The same trend is also playing out in Europe and most recently in Italy where popular sentiments are swinging back towards the Mussolini era. The idea of having a ‘strong man’ in charge is resurfacing all over the place, with all its attendant problems, as can be seen in Russia under Putin.

Meanwhile, the power brokers in this world are busily readjusting their support strategies to keep up with political trends with the view to maintain their privileges.

Federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre is already under their umbrella and it will be interesting to see where Danielle Smith is heading.

It is all about getting into, and staying in power, after all. And you need powerful rich ‘friends’ for that to happen.

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