Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Financial fly trap

The prevailing world financial system is essentially a giant fly trap, designed to entice people to enter and get trapped by cyclical booms and recession/depressions.

The money supply is controlled by central bankers who turn the monetary spigots on and off causing the value of money to fluctuate.

The private banking system also creates money by giving their customers credit in the form of loans. Availability of credit entices people into ventures to make money for themselves with attendant risks.

As the economy heats up with more money circulating central bankers increase interest rates to cool it down. People go broke and suffer economic hardships.

Over time the bigger fish survive at the expense of the smaller ones that are summarily gobbled up.

So we end up with a few mega billionaires and a whole bunch of paupers. The billionaires dream about a “Great Reset” in which the ‘unusable’ paupers perish and the billionaires prosper.

Sadly, (for the billionaires) History tells the opposite story: The peasants are the long term survivors. The fall of the Maya civilization is a good example of this.

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