Thursday, April 7, 2011

A step in the right direction

Editor: The saga of the multibillion dollar proposed power lines in Alberta continues.
Allegations of private meddling in government decision making abound. Latest update below:

April 7, 2011
(Rimbey, AB) On Monday April 4, 2011 the Court of Appeal of Alberta granted the Lavesta Area Group leave to appeal against the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). Lavesta appealed the AUC’s decision that unjustly awarded AltaLink $38.6 million dollars for its part in the 2007 spying scandal hearings. The Lavesta Area Group sought leave to appeal against the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) on the basis that the evidence indicated that the AUC has acted in a biased manner when making decisions that favour AltaLink.
AltaLink’s and the Alberta Electric System Operator’s (AESO) lawyers appeared in court and acted in conjunction with the AUC’s legal team -- for the AUC! All three legal teams argued against Lavesta stating Lavesta's application raised no serious arguable issues of law or jurisdiction. Lavesta notes that AltaLink and AESO are providing lawyers free of charge to defend the AUC in this matter.
In the Court’s ruling, the Honourable Madam Justice Patricia Rowbotham stated, “the Lavesta Area Group raised a prima facie meritorious ground of appeal.”
The Lavesta Area Group views this as an important timely decision. AltaLink’s application for approval to build the Heartland transmission line is set to begin on Monday April 11. The Lavesta Area Group is of the opinion that the court’s decision raises serious questions of perception concerning the AUC’s integrity and objectivity to rule in this matter.
The Lavesta Area Group is calling upon this government and the Alberta Utilities Commission to suspend the Heartland proceedings until the matter of the AUC’s favourable biased treatment of AltaLink can be remedied.

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