Thursday, April 21, 2011

Message directly from Muammar Gaddafi

Editor: Please note that this text has been created by a computerized translation program which explains some of its peculiarities

The Leader:" Libyans face savage aggression and unfair intervention in their internal affairs"

The leader of the revolution sent last night a message to European Parliament, US congress, Political opposition parties in US and Europeans who are due to gather in London today Tuesday, as well as, the message was intended to reach all media men across the world, ambassadors and news agencies .
In his message, the leader said," there is no unrest of any sort in Libya, as the Libyans possess their authority and Libyan men and women practice it via popular congresses. The similarity of such popular democracy did exist only in Athena before Christ birth. As Libya has lately witnessed a new stage of openness and did presents a number of solutions to many problems around the world, besides, its prominent role in fighting the terrorism, seemingly, a number of Al-Qaeda made the use of such conditions to launch attacks on the military barracks and police stations in order to capture weapons and they started to shot soldiers and they captured some mosques in order to use them as ammunition depots, besides, they announced Islamic emirate to be under control of Al-Qaeda and then they announced jihad. And then we tried to siege them, in cooperation with citizens, and then the terrorism fighting unit broke through some buildings in an attempt to capture those terrorist gangs and they succeeded to capture a huge number of them, but for Benghazi city, the majority of the city are still under the hands of these terrorist gangs".
" we are people united under the leadership of the revolution and currently facing Al-Qaeda's members from side and NATO forces from the other side, it is the very same contradiction. Stop this unfair savage aggression on Libyans, leave Libya for Libyans, you are committing an operation of genocide against safe people and developing country. Seemingly, Europeans and Americans do not care and see such barbarian aggression of which is an example for Hitler's invasion for Europe. Stop your aggression on our homeland, the case now are being undertaken by AU, and Libya will accept the decisions made by AU through a High Level African Committee, formed for this purpose", the leader added. Article published here

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