Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flooding in Queensland, Australia

Nogoa river and bridge to Emerald business area from Springsure side 15.5 meters above normal level. Emerald is currently being supplied with food and water by army helicopters working with local volunteers.
Article courtesy of Ian Wake:

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Hello all,
Bit of an update from Emerald South side of river, north side a disaster zone only accessible by helicopter. We are OK as we are on some of the highest ground. Murray and family have been staying with us. The company flew Murray and Alison in chopper over river this morning so that they can start cleaning up their house. Where we went to one of the local chopper businesses, there were 11 choppers on the ground from as far away as Darwin. At our house sounds like a war zone with choppers going over. RAAF have Blackhawks here also and ferrying food from two B-doubles that managed to get to Capella 60 km to the north as well as other work. There were hospital evacuations to other centres with choppers. They transferred Alison’s mum to Springsure by Blackhawk. Murray has had 30 cm of water in the house which is nothing compared to hundreds of others.
Sewer system in town was out, don’t know the present situation. Water has stayed on throughout. The flood peak has now passed, hope the hell we get no more big rain in the catchment or what is happening now will be nothing.
Heard the dam yesterday at 176 percent full was holding 4 times Sydney harbour. Dam peaked at just over 5.5 meters over the spillway. Nogoa at the bridge peaked at 16 meters.
Comet River
Peaked at 16 meters over the Comet weir and is now 14 meters and falling but there is still another surge to come . All of the Morawitz properties cropping land under meters of water, all crops probably lost. Robyn has been flood bound for close to three weeks. Their house was still clear by about 4 meters at the peak. Robyn and Carl flew over the properties this morning, the rail line from the Comet bridge to the rise at Sandhurst creek is still there but large portions of the supporting bank have been washed away.
Already a disaster with highways about to close. Airport expected to be closed to fixed wing aircraft today. May be the biggest flood for Rocky on record.
Ian and Jan

PS Late info.
Emerald rail bridge may be open for shifting people and supplies tomorrow. Woollies may be back in business tomorrow, was flooded to 1 meter. Jan just flew over in chopper to help clean up the shoe shop.

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