Sunday, January 9, 2011

Caroline Community Medical Clinic Grand Opening

After some 10 years without medical service, Caroline area residents can, once again, see a doctor in their own community. The clinic, located in the southernmost bay of the mini mall where the local motor registry office is located, opened its doors for the first time on September 7. Caroline's Mayor, Laura Cudmore, was instrumental in getting the initiative off the ground some 16 months ago and enlisted the help of the Caroline and District Chamber of Commerce in bringing the project to its fruition. Major factors helping things along were the arrival in Rocky Mountain House of new doctors and the willingness of the Clearwater County Council and the Village of Caroline Council to financially support the establishment of the new facility.
Community donations to the clinic to date are $47,977, broken down as follows: Clearwater County $15,000, Village of Caroline - $10,000, Alberta Health Services - $9,133, Cash donations - $7,175, Goods and services donated - $6,669.
The new medical clinic is open every Tuesday, with both medical and chiropractic services offered. Bookings can be made through the Rocky Medical Clinic at 403 845-2815 or by contacting the Caroline Clinic directly on Tuesdays
at 403 722-405

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