Sunday, September 5, 2010

Street surface upgrade in Caroline

A number of streets in Caroline, including 49th. Avenue in this photo, received a new surface last week in the form of an asphalt cold mix called SB90. Clearwater County was contracted to carry out the work which was funded from a provincial Municipal Sustainability Initiative (MSI) grant. Public Works Foreman Ron Landry said that SB90 had been chosen because it can be easily removed and replaced again when the streets in Caroline are dug up in order to upgrade the 50 year old water and sewer lines running under the village. The first stage in this process will be main street (50th. Avenue), which is also the confluence of provincial highways 54 and 22, where a water main break happened last fall, causing a major traffic disruption. The sewer line running from the village south to the lagoon has also been identified as a priority project.
A $1.2 million MSI grant has been received from the province for this work. Alberta's villages, towns and cities all have aging underground infrastructure that has tended to be neglected over the years, according to local MLA Ty Lund, who used to be the Minister for Infrastructure. They are now faced with a major upgrading challenge.

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