Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Official opening of the Edna Topp Park

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Saturday, September 11, and was carried out by Mayor Laura Cudmore and Councillor Helen Willigar, assisted by Edna Topp's four children: Kathy, Betty, Colinda and Charlie.
Edna Topp was a long serving administrator of the Village of Caroline and the new park on 52nd. Street Close was named after her by the sitting Village Council following her passing in that role in 2001. Betty, speaking on behalf of her family, thanked the community for honoring her mother in this way. Councillor Willigar, who served as Mayor of Caroline when the park was initially developed, spoke highly of Edna Topp's dedication to the Village. She also thanked Public Works Foreman Ron Landry for his contribution to creating the park in its present form.

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