Sunday, July 25, 2010

Remember "Chenonan"?

The South Korean warship allegedly sunk by a North Korean torpedo in April? Here is some news from the North Korean News Agency well worth reading. The implication is that the warship sank due to a collision with a "friendly" ship during a major naval exercise:

"S. Korean Organization More Doubtful about Warship Case
Pyongyang, July 23 (KCNA) -- The south Korean Citizens' Solidarity for Democratic Society in a report on July 19 raised a new doubt about the case of warship sinking.

The organization said that the "Ministry of National Defense" organized a meeting on July 15 to brief civic organizations on the case of warship "Cheonan" only to make them more skeptical.

When asked about the size of a submarine boat which allegedly intruded into the waters where the warship sank, the "Ministry of Defense" first said that it was 2.75 meters wide but later made correction that it was 3.5 meters in width, the organization said, accusing the ministry of its ambiguous remarks about the name of the submarine and its voyage the day the case occurred.

The military authorities and the "joint investigation team" branded the submarine which they said attacked the warship as of "yono" level manufactured in the DPRK. But such submarine is recorded as a product of other country in a prestigious world military yearbook, the organization clarified.

Noting that the military authorities have also failed to scientifically prove the adsorptive obtained from the wrecked torpedo, the organization held that if the aluminum oxides turned adsorptive, so must have done the component of explosive powder.

What is all the more doubtful is that fluorescent lamps remained undamaged inside the warship despite the "explosion by torpedo", it noted.

The military authorities asserted that the propeller of the warship became bent by the inertia force following a sudden stop but such thing could not happen as the warship sailed at a low speed at that time, the organization pointed out, stressing that anybody can easily see that propeller became bent when it was given a turn to the opposite side.

The organization declared that it would send its report and photographs to media and the "National Assembly" for verification."

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