Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Money for the boys?

By Joe Anglin
The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) notified the Lavesta Area Group today that the commission’s decision to award $35 million dollars to AltaLink, for its role in the 2007 hearings wherein government hired private investigators were caught spying on citizens, is still under review.

AltaLink’s role in the 2007 hearing is a matter of great concern by landowners, given the fact that there were numerous irregularities that eventually lead to the admission of the allegation of bias by AltaLink, along with charges of actual bias by landowners. Landowners challenged the board’s decision to award $35 million dollars to AltaLink for its role in the proceedings, based on the participation of Mr. McGee as a board member in the disgraced proceedings. Mr. McGee adjudicated in the disgraced proceeding, the very same proceedings the Hon Madame Justice Conrad referred to as “an abomination of procedural fairness”. Landowners claim that Mr. McGee’s continued participation in the process and his subsequent awarding of $35 million to AltaLink is a conflict of interest which constitutes a bias in the process. Landowners’ claim Mr. McGee should have been disqualified from adjudicating due to his previous participation.

Landowners are demanding that the board vacate its decision to award AltaLink $35 million dollars and appoint a new board panel, independent of any connections to the disgraced 2007 hearings. The Lavesta Area Group wants a complete transparent process to investigate the irregularities surrounding the spying on landowners, particularly in regard to costs incurred by industry and any reimbursement of funds.

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