Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pen Meets Paper Feb.8'10

Opinion by Helge Nome
Let us suppose that, shortly after coming into this world, you or I were equipped with pink colored contact lenses that became a more or less permanent fixture in front of our retinas as we grew up.
As adults we get together with someone else who is asked to put on a regular pair of pink colored glasses and then we proceed to compare notes. For us, nothing has changed, the world just looks normal. For the person with the newly acquired glasses
the world looks distinctly pink.
Let us now suppose that we substitute “cultural conditioning” for “pink colored contact lenses” and proceed from there by taking a look at the sun (be careful!): An object in the sky that provides us with heat and light during the day. It has always been there and always will, for all practical purposes. Like the moon and the stars, it moves across the heavens in a monotonous kind of way. We look at the world around us and see all kinds of objects in the surrounding landscape, and we proceed to classify them to create some order in our minds.

Enter an individual from a very long time ago and we get to talking about the heavens,
and the sun in particular.
What is “the sun”? the individual asks (who at this stage has managed to acquire a
usable knowledge of the English language). We point, and he looks at us in amazement. “That’s Aten!”, he says. “The most powerful being there is”.
As our conversation proceeds about this a realization begins to dawn upon us: This individual has a different set of glasses on, compared to ours.
For us, the world is composed of objects of many descriptions, of various magnitudes and with numerous attributes. But in the final analysis, they are objects, at the whim of forces of all kinds that are ultimately impersonal and mechanical in nature.
Our visitor, on the other hand, sees life everywhere, animated by that Great Being in the sky, Aten.
The latest observations by scientists involved in keeping an eye on Aten by way of multiple telescopes mounted on satellites in his vicinity, are beginning to realize the fundamental truth of the ancient perception of that awesome individual, upon whom our collective fate rests. There’s nothing “objective” about that fellah. He is the most temperamental, self motivated and “alive” individual that could ever be imagined.
Our science is now proving to us that we have a long way to go before getting back to where we used to be. Our glasses, that turn the world into an arrangement of impersonal “objects” and “forces” have to be removed.
There is nothing wrong with postulating these as hypothetical entities to be manipulated in equations. The problem arises when we impose these “thought forms” on the world around us: They then become the lenses of our perception.

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Fungus the Photo! said...

This has never been forgotten by many but for various reasons it has been suppressed from time to time, as you know.

Akhenaten the one and only, paid for transgressing the power structure by telling the truth. Not the first and won't be the last! As Jack said, we can't handle the truth!

I take it you have read http://www.fractaluniverse.org? Friendly guy.