Monday, February 1, 2010

Pen Meets Paper Feb.1'10

Opinion by Helge Nome
Adolph Hitler had a grand vision: A once fragmented Germany, united under his leadership, would establish a one thousand year “Reich” (empire) where the members of the German Nation together (“Ein Volk, Ein Land”)(one people, one land), would rule the world. The fertile lands and peoples to the east would be the breadbasket of the new empire so that the German people could focus on imposing Adolph’s will on the rest of us. That was the Big Idea harbored by a relatively small group of people around Adolph Hitler in the 1930ies.
The question that inevitably comes to mind is this: How could a small group of marginal characters manage to get their hands on the levers of power of the German State? Two factors come to mind: The seething anger of the German people over having their post WWI economy torn to shreds by a post war government that literally preyed on their plight and ground them into the dirt. And as we all know, no movement can forge ahead without some solid financial support. Where did that come from? The Bank of England is one reported source, believe it or not. Plenty of American dollars are also reported to have ended up in the hands of Hitler and his cohorts.
In order to understand why this happened, we need to take a quick peek at the geo-political situation in the 1930ies. The once great British Empire, “upon which the sun never sets”, was wobbly and Stalin’s empire to the east appeared menacing to many people. Militaristic governments were in place in Italy and Japan. The time for change was ripe. So a group of people, which can be conveniently referred to as “the Tribe” decided to raise the temperature of the woodpile to ignition point by helping Adolph and his friends install themselves on the bridge of that great battleship, the German State. The idea was simple enough: Let the dogs of Europe tear themselves to pieces using American war supplies and soldiers as needed to ensure the right outcome: Exit British Empire. Enter American Empire. Hitler and his fellow stooges were simply used to facilitate the process.
Now, this is were it gets a little spooky. The Tribe is embedded in North America and has used it as a primary base for operations since WWII. Their dream is the same as that of Adolph and his friends and they are not about to let their nursery bed go to rack and ruin. Instead, the idea is to turn it into a place, not unlike Adolph’s Germany, supplying sophisticated military hardware and a vast pool of not so sophisticated soldiers to man their war machine, because there aren’t too many other jobs available for them. So, Adolph’s dream is in the process of being realized by those that set him up to fail. It even has a name. It is called “Fascism”. And North America is its primary host.

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