Monday, August 31, 2009

Reunited - Shilo School and and former students celebrated 100 years of history.

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Seated, front: Marianne (Stange) Eisentraut, seated behind Marianne: Irene (Stange) Ewan,then Gerd Nanninga, John Stange, Fritz Nanninga, Larry Grieve.
Standing, back: Clara (Black) Mayhew, Myrtle (Buchanan) Martyn, Eisabeth (Stange) Taylor,Faye (Buchanan), Louis Johnson, Richard Montgomery, Ethel Montgomery, Margaret (Staben) Martyniuk, Ken Montgomery, Rosalie (Vandermeer) Jorgensen, Ed Kiem, Esther (Kiem)

Former students, family and friends got together at Shilo School on the weekend of August 22/23 to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of a building that has remained on its original foundation and has been maintained by the community. It received a fresh coat of paint just prior to the celebration.
Rosalie (Vandermeer) Jorgensen, whose mother used to be a teacher at the school, presented some of the schools history to those present and noted that, as a matter of interest, a complete school of the same design as the Shilo School, could be ordered out of the Eaton catalogue in 1917 for the sum of $683.63 f.o.b. Winnipeg. The school had a wood heater at the back of the main room and a metal screen was needed to prevent the students at the back from being fried on a cold day. Horse or foot transport was used by most students in the surrounding area, and one young girl living near the school, used to ride a stick with a "horse" head on it (to "keep up with the Joneses"?)
The school proudly displays a diploma awarded by the Department of Education of the Province of Alberta for Best Exhibit of School Work at the School Fair in Caroline on September 5, 1938. The diploma is signed by William Aberhart, Minister of Education.

Frank Foesier was part of a band that provided evening entertainment

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