Monday, August 10, 2009

Broken trees south of Caroline

Caused by violent winds during the Monday night storm

Security Sting Planned For Caroline
Caroline area residents would do well to shiver in their boots during August, in spite of hot summer weather. The museum is planning a Jail-N-Bail for September 12 in the reconstructed Village Office/Fire Hall/Jail on the museum grounds.
Eligible offenses for jailing include theft of office pens, trafficking in caffeine, operating a tongue without a license, etc. Once in jail, a person has to use a cellphone (smuggled in) to phone somebody that might be willing to post a bail amount from $25-50. Snitchers can enclose $5 with warrants of arrest and send them to "Jail & Bail" c/o Barb, P.O. Box 604 Caroline, or drop off the envelope at
Caroline Supplies. More info is posted on the Post Office notice board.

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