Monday, August 31, 2009

The Vikings are coming!

It happened at the Danish Museum at Dickson on Sunday, August 23 when the long awaited replica of a Viking ship arrived on the sturdy shoulders viking era affectionados dressed in period clothes.
The arrival was celebrated by several hundred people at the museum who viewed the authentically reconstructed craft named Freydis Johanna, which is called a "Gokstadfaering" and was constructed at the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, Denmark.
Replica tools and methods were used to construct the craft which is fully seaworthy and has a square sail. The ship will remain at the museum over the winter and will likely be displayed in communities in British Columbia next summer.

You don't mess around with this bunch!

True to form, the Vikings got into it!

A More Gentle Side Of The Viking Age

A ladies comb made out of bone, jewelry and dress tells you that it wasn't all rough and tough

Weekend Wanna-be Warrior

This pen pusher has an unfamiliar weapon put into his hand

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