Friday, July 10, 2009

Retirement Village Proposed West Of Caroline

Brian Honeywell from Leaside Development Corporation, Kristoph Dobrowolski from Sanctum Retreat west of Caroline
and Glenn Claerhout examine plans for a retirement village at the Sanctum Retreat property on the shores of the Raven River. The plans were displayed at an open house hosted at the retreat on Monday, June 29.
Retreat Director Kristoph Dobrowoski said that a need for this kind of accomodation in the area had been established by a market survey and developer Brian Honeywell felt that individual cottages might be the preferred option for people who are looking towards an active form of retirement. The idea of the open house was to gauge community interest and support for the proposed project. The price for a 1000 sguare feet cottage style apartment would start at $159,000. For more information, contact Kristoph at 403 722 3101.

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