Monday, July 13, 2009

Little Girl and Big Elephant

The Sundre Museum is a choice destination for summer visitors to the area. The Chester Mjolsness World of Wildlife display at the museum is of world class quality and has been featured in the main stream North American media.
Chester, who was raised on a farm in the Sundre area spent his working life in the sawmilling business as the owner of the Spray Lakes sawmill near Cochrane. Following his retirement, he hunted around the world and decided that he would like to share his experiences of his world wide travels, along with his collection of trophy animals, with the general public. Chester has travelled extensively to Australia, New Zealand, China, Mongolia, Russia, Iran, Spain, USA, Canada, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Cameroon. He has hunted every continent except South America and Antarctica.
The extensive display of his trophy animals is featured in a special building attached to the Sundre Museum. The museum murals were painted by Lorraine Hughes of Sundre; and the museum was both designed and created by Povl and Bibianne Munksgaard of Mountain View Taxidermy Ltd. of Olds. The Sundre and District Historical Society website is

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