Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fred Eaglesmith on Grandview Stage

Veteran Canadian singer/songwriter and storyteller Fred Eaglesmith had a captive audience on Grandview Stage, southwest of Rocky Mountain House on Tuesday, July 14. The informal lawn setting, mosquitoes, and unfulfilled threat of showers, fitted right in with Fred's style: He is a somewhat irreverent commentator on the status quo, in both prose and song and his followers are self proclaimed "FredHeads" (rhymes with "deadheads").
Present among the locals at the performance where people from Australia and one group had traveled from Vancouver to spend a night with Fred and his band, who were supported by the Ginn Sisters from Texas. Fred commented on everything from life on the farm ("I shot my neighbor's dog") to Brian Mulroney's $300,000 wad of cash, and how heavy it must have been to carry it out of the hotel. ("Why didn't he just accept a cheque instead?")
Watch Fred sing "57 Chevy" on Grandview Stage
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Next up on Grandview Stage is Jetty Road, a band from Melbourne, Australia on July 29. Check them out at:

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