Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Web of Life

Op Ed by Helge Nome

This term is well known in the English language and also well understood: The interconnectedness of all things alive.

On an intellectual level, that is, in our European culture.

Emotionally, we are focussed on acquiring territory and power over others, subjugating them to our will and using them to our advantage at their expense.

It is a primitive mindset – that of the Viking.

We have also used that mindset in an attempt to become the masters of Nature herself. And look at the price we are now about to pay for that folly.

A growing web of life consists of ever new relationships forming between organic and inorganic entities, each giving the other some reason to cooperate for mutual benefit: Bees and flowers, fruits and birds, just to name a couple.

In contrast to the “Me, me, me” of Western ‘culture’.

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