Sunday, November 28, 2021

Societal Power Play

By Helge Nome

The world wide COVID pandemic and the increasingly obvious effects of violent weather events are bringing home the power of governments to control people

The emergence of new, ever more virulent variants on the COVID front bring forth ever stronger government counter measures, like effective social isolation for those that refuse to be immunized.

States of emergency are routinely declared by governments in the face of violent weather events, as in the recent flooding event in southern British Columbia.

In tandem with these developments, mega corporations are using their social media platforms to rope people into their folds with the object of exploiting them to the fullest.

They try to create virtual worlds, where people spend most of their waking time being manipulated.

I believe this is a repeat of what has happened, possibly many times in the past; the silent reminders of which are the gigantic stone structures left behind by previous iterations of civilizations.

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