Friday, February 11, 2011

Rocky Credit Union's Board for 2011

Back: CEO Doug Glessing, Directors Andy Smith and Dean Schweder, President Carson Stewart. Front: 1st. Vice President Fred Purdy, 2nd. Vice President Donna Beagle and Director Alan Marshall. Not present: Don Forsyth. Out of the eight candidates that stood for election in 2011, Fred Purdy, Donna Beagle and Alan Marshall filled the three vacant board positions.
The Rocky Credit Union is facing the future with confidence as a full service financial institution. That was the essence of the message heard by members, staff and guests present at the credit union's 66th. Annual General Meeting at the Legion in Rocky Mountain House on Monday, February 7. President Carson Stewart reported a $400,000 payout to members for the 2010 fiscal year and that over 2,000 staff volunteer hours and $71,500 had been donated to the community. Guest Speaker Paul Kennett, President and CEO of the Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation, noted that credit unions in Alberta have done very well during these difficult times and are fortunate to have the full backing of the Alberta Government. He said that volatility in financial markets is likely to continue.

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