Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy weekend at the Seniors’ Drop In

A Valentine’s day Pie Social was hosted at the Seniors’ Drop In Center in Caroline on Friday, February 11. This is an annual event, and very popular with area seniors who keep in touch over the course of the year at events such as this one, as well as monthly pot-lucks, trips to larger centers and games at the center. In fact, the Caroline Senior Drop In is now drawing people from all over West-Central Alberta, because of its active and well organized schedule of activities. This is in large measure due to the work of a very busy couple living in Caroline, Jeanne and Orest Luchka.
And on this weekend, one of Jeanne’s long living ideas was realized: The celebration of 50 years of marriage. On the evening of Sunday, February 14, 78 invited people attended a potluck at the drop in center, most of whom had been married for 50 years or more. With a 50+ year track record of having a sense of humor, everybody thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the food which beat anything a restaurant can serve up. The Bouvette/Mason family provided the entertainment with help from Danny Gibson.

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