Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Taking it to the Premier's front yard

Rimbey, AB) After speaking at public forums in Viking, and near Viking at Iron Creek Hall in the last week, Joe Anglin will be speaking on the Land Stewardship Act (Bill-36); the Land Assembly Act (Bill-19); and the Electric Statues Amendment Act (Bill-50) in Vegreville: Wednesday June 30th at 7pm. The meeting is located at the Dining Hall on the Vegreville Fair Grounds.
On Monday Anglin made a short presentation to the Montana Band, and on Tuesday he was asked to attend a four band meeting, to answer questions pertaining to the Land Stewardship Act (Bill-36) and how it relates to the recently introduced Federal Bill S-11. Federal Bill S-11 delegates (denigrates) First Nations’ self determination (jurisdiction) over water, and assigns it to the provincial government’s jurisdiction.
The Lavesta Area Group welcomes an opportunity to take the fight in defence of democratic rights and property rights directly into Mr. Stelmach’s own riding.

For more information contact:
Joe Anglin
(403) 843-3279
(403) 963-0521
Leader, Lavesta Area Group

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