Sunday, June 20, 2010

Caroline School hosts athletic awards ceremony

The Caroline Complex hall was filled with young athletes, their parents and supporters, and Caroline School athletics instructors on June 7 for the annual Athletics Awards ceremony. The last few years has seen a positive change in the culture at Caroline School and it has a lot to do with the recognition by school authorities that the people of the Caroline area value sports highly.
The result has been a very high participation rate of students in competitive sports and the great bonus has been greater academic achievements by highly motivated students.
Parent volunteers, school staff and management have all worked together to achieve this change which is now putting Caroline students at the leading edge in many sports competitions.
The breadth of the engagement in sports is reflected in the number of teams fielded by the school: Football, Senior High Golf, Cross Country Running, Junior B2 Girls Volleyball. Junior B1 Girls Volleyball, Junior B Boys Volleyball, Junior A Girls Volleyball, Junior A Boys Volleyball, Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball, Senior Girls Volleyball, Senior Boys Volleyball, Curling, Junior B Girls Basketball, Junior B2 Boys Basketball, Junior B1 Boys Basketball, Junior A Girls Basketball, Junior A Boys Basketball, Senior Girls Basketball, Senior Boys Basketball, Senior High Badminton, Junior High Badminton,
Junior High Track, Senior High Track.
The awards were as follows (please excuse any omissions and errors):
Senior High Golf: Jaman Gutek (Most Valuable Player (MVP)), Sara Stevens (Most Improved Player(MIP)), Morgan Smith (Coaches’ Award(CA)). Cross Country Running:
Cole Peters (MVP), Chetwyn Westergaard (MIP), Junior B2 Girls Volleyball: Nicole Kyncl (MVP), Dallas Johnson (MIP), Courtney Mercier(CA). Junior B! Girls Volleyball: Michelle Kurney (MVP), Keltie Cummings (MIP), Page Leek (CA). Junior B Boys Volleyball: Tyler Styner and Calan Graham (shared MVP), Jonathan Carr (MIP), Roy Trimble (CA). Junior A Girls Volleyball: Taylor Michalsky (MVP), Breanna Denham (MIP),
Meagan Berg (CA). Junior A Boys Volleyball: Scott Johnson (MVP), Axel Larsen (MIP),
Jordi Gutek (CA). Junior Varsity Girls Volleyball: Jordyn Watts (MVP), Kiara Price (MIP),
Katelyn Godwin (CA). Senior Girls Volleyball: Morgan Smith and Kailey Fauville (shared MVP award), Sara Stevens (MIP), Danika Foesier (CA). Senior Boys Volleyball: Maverick Cardinal (MVP), Nico Gelderblom (MIP), Brett Godwin (CA). Curling: Morgan Smith (MVP), Shayna Ververda (MIP), Chelsea Ververda (CA). Junior B Girls Basketball: Paige Leek (MVP), Jenna Godwin (MIP), Cheyanne Larsen (CA). Junior B2 Boys Basketball: Jonathan Carr (MVP), Teigan Bossert (MIP). Junior B1 Boys Basketball: Calan Graham (MVP), Cole Crossman (MIP), Chetwyn Westergaard (CA).
Junior A Girls Basketball: Cassidy Piesse (MVP), Anna Denham (MIP), Lindsay Mandelin (CA). Junior A Boys Basketball: Cole Cummins (MVP), Nathan Jameson (MIP), Dalton Slager (CA). Senior Girls Basketball: Dayle Stelter (MVP), Rianna Follis and Shayna Ververda (shared MIP), Sara Stevens (CA). Senior Boys Basketball: Maverick Cardinal (MVP), Nico Gelderblom (MIP). Senior High Badminton: Kailey Fauville and Morgan Spooner (shared MVP), Siera Michalsky and Leonard McTaggart (shared MIP), Taja Graham (CA). Junior High Badminton: Taylor Michalsky (MVP). Junior High Track: Scott Johnson, Paige Leek and Mathew Wesolowsky (shared MVP), Mallory Westergaard and Caresse Harvey (shared MIP). Roy Trimble and Chetwynn Westergaard (shared CA). Senior High Track: Kailey Fauville (MVP), Sara Stevens (MIP), Dion Roper (CA).

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