Thursday, October 22, 2009

Emissions Trading Scam

What a shame that some of our best young people are being used to promote the scam of the century, the emissions trading scheme.
Our planet is becoming poisoned by pollution, of which carbon dioxide is one of the least noxious parts. Degradation of the oceans, where a huge proportion photosynthesis occurs, is likely to have more effect on the carbon cycle alone than anything being done on land. But this scheme takes no account of it. It includes no provisions whatever to prevent industrial wastes being poured into waterways. Nor would it stop the biggest polluters from simply buying carbon credits and continuing their abuse of the environment.
Speculation on the futures market cost the worlds motorists billions of dollars during the recent “oil spike”. The proposed carbon trading scheme would simply set up another “casino” for the very rich to exploit at the expense of the taxpaying general public. Fluctuations in carbon markets would form another variable to make life difficult for primary producers and exporters in New Zealand.
An honest scheme would involve taxes on all forms of pollution. This would have the double benefit of providing governments with funds for corrective measures.
In view of the manipulation that caused the present recession, it amazes me that irresponsible people in financial circles can still “suck in” some of our most dedicated environmentalists to back their schemes.

John G. Rawson.
New Zealand

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