Monday, October 5, 2009

Caroline's Fire Fighters

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These volunteer fire fighters were honored recently at the inauguration of the fire fighting museum exhibit in the reconstructed village office/fire hall at the Caroline Wheels of Time Museum

Front: Matthew Gamble (2.5 years of service), BeJay Graham (12 yos), Yvonne Evans (23 yos), Chad Wolf (8 yos), Timothy Willigar (6 months of service), Dwayne Fay (29 yos), Brittany Fay (5.5 yos), Timothy Simard (3 yos). Back: Corby Parsons (6 months of service). Shauna Fleshman-Veilette (1.5 yos), Rick Foesier (Battalion Chief, 5 yos), Dusty Fay (33 yos), Leonard Kanten (Fire Chief, beginning in 1959 and also in 1977),
Gene Blowers (7.5 yos), Patrick Blowers (11.5 yos), Branden Fay (12.5 yos), Margaret Farrel (13.5 yos), Gordon Roberts (Fire Chief from 1994 to 2005).
Not in the photo: Bill Fay (3 months of service), Aaron Fay (6 mos), Riley Asuchak (1 yos), Ashley Peterson (2.5 yos), Melissa Keim (2.5 yos), Kelly Vollman (4.5 yos), Ralph Johnson (8.5 yos), Vern Larsen (14.5 yos), David Fay (15 yos), William Groves (15 yos), Darrell Fay (19.5 yos),

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