Sunday, May 31, 2009

River Rally Held In Sundre

Several hundred people showed up in support of a call on Sunday, May 24, from the Save Our Sundre Committee to show politicians, Federal, Provincial and Municipal, that the people of Sundre mean business and demand that permits be issued to have the Red Deer River brought back into its pre 2005 flood channel.
As the river flows towards the Sundre bridge from the south, the constriction of the river imposed by the bridge approaches tends to encourage flood water to gouge new channels. During the June 18, 2005 flood the main river channel moved westwards and the raging waters dug out large sections of the western riverbank, stopping just short of the Riverside RV Park. So, the stage has now been set for a head on confrontation between the river and the Town of Sundre during the next major flooding event in the river.

It was quite evident that the several hundred people present at the demonstration in Greenwood Park, beside the river, were fully aware of the potential disaster in waiting and they made no bones about their frustration over the lack of action from politicians and bureaucrats on this issue which has been in the works since 2005. The rally was addressed by several speakers, including retired MP Myron Thompson and Paddy Munroe. Thompson focused on the catch cry “Get Us The Permit!” and Paddy Munroe explained technical aspects of the problem and its solution which involves redirecting the flow of water back into the old channel to the east and fortifying the western riverbank.

It was evident that there is major public support for the Save Our Sundre Committee initiative because of the very real nature of the impending threat to the town.


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