Tuesday, May 12, 2009


These members of SPEAK, a social action group at Caroline School were recognized by Caroline Neighbourhood Place with a pizza lunch provided at the school last Wednesday, April 29: Siera Michalsky and volunteer for sports(reffing basketball), Kailey Fauville and volunteer for sports (asst. coach basketball, reffing basketball), Morgan Spooner and volunteer for sport, Jazmine Spooner, Brett Godwin, Corey Campbell, Jessica Morrill, Hayley Katona, Sierra Piesse (& coaching minor hockey goaltenders). Volunteers for sport teams: Shayna Ververda, Taija Graham, Kiera Price -student coaches, Katelyn Godwin - student coaches, Nico Gelderblom - Coaching Jr. Boys Basketball, Leonard McTaggart - Coaching Jr. Boys Basketball, Billi-Jean Johnston - Reffing Basketball, Sara Stevens - Reffing/Coaching Basketball, Melissa Keim- volunteer firefighter, Breanna Houghton - volunteer coach skating, Chetweynne Westergaard-reffing elementary intramaurals, Cole Watt- reffing elementary intamural, Katelyn Morrill - helped with Danta's annonymus and shopping for the Christmas hampers, Volunteers for music: Micha Turchet.

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