Monday, January 2, 2023

Kremlin perspective

The prevailing view in the political power structure of Russia is that it is faced with an existential crisis where an external enemy is intent on obliterating it and install a puppet replacement regime.

And they are exactly right because that is the stated aim of Western Empire politicians, including Canada’s Foreign Minister Melanie Joly who, along with colleagues in cabinet, never bothered to ask Canadians whether they agreed or not.

Putin, who represents a country with an imperial past and similar aspirations for the future, sees the Western Empire as a bully with a set of ‘values’ completely antithetical to his own. And he has managed to persuade a lot of Russians to feel likewise.

Very likely, the only way the war in Ukraine will end, is if the Western Empire concedes to Russia the territories it has under control at this time, including Crimea and the eastern areas.

From an intellectual perspective, Putin sees the world as a multipolar place, with several powers, including Russia, dominating the local landscape.

That in contrast to the globalists of the Western Empire who sees the world as their exclusive playground, at any cost.

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