Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My Facebook timeline

I’m happy to say that readership is increasing steadily and that feedback is generally positive. That was not the case earlier, especially during the ‘official pandemic’.

The idea of the timeline is to share information that I am interested in with you folks that read and watch what I publish. Because of automation, this does not feel like ‘work’ to me at all.

Facebook has its shortcomings, including the Zuckerberg appointed ‘police’, in whose bad books I currently occupy a spot, but it is also a very convenient medium for sharing information and ideas.

Before retiring in 2011, I used to be a Caroline area reporter for Mountaineer Publishing in Rocky Mountain House for 11 years and was responsible for one page in “The Mountaineer” weekly newspaper with a circulation of about 10 000. That included local news and an opinion column I called “Pen Meets Paper”. I am happy to say that this is one family owned paper that has survived the online publishing revolution.

Now in my 80th year I am essentially doing the same thing online, from a little cabin in my 20 acre wood, except that the whole world is my oyster and I stay tuned to European news every morning by listening to the Norwegian mainstream news for a “heads up” on breaking stories. (Norway is about 8 hours ahead of us here in the western part of Turtle Island)

I don’t pretend to be unbiased. None of us are. But I like to cast my information gathering net as wide as possible in order to get a handle on what is going on.

I have been invited by Facebook to make some money for my efforts, but have not picked up on that idea.

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