Sunday, January 9, 2022

End of pandemic. What's next?

Op Ed by Helge Nome

The Covid pandemic is all but over, thanks to the virulent Omicron variant that has now all but displaced the Delta variant as the main infective agent.

The result is far less severe disease and more rapid recovery from infection. Nature has done its thing. What's the point in killing your host or severely demobilizing him anyway? If the object is rapid and sustained spread to a maximum number of hosts?

So, like in 1920, it is time to move on to the good times, maybe? Like the "roaring twenties"?

History has a tendency to repeat itself, so I expect something like that will happen because of post pandemic pent up energy being released.

Just as well, because we are going to be heading into severe weather challenges as atmospheric gases move in unpredictable ways above our heads, driven by changes in ocean currents and absorbed energy from Sol.

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