Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rocky's first "Market on Main Street"

Rocky area residents check out a stall at the Main Street market

Photo, video and story by Helge Nome

The main street of Rocky Mountain House became a gathering place for buyers and sellers on June 21. It was the first of a weekly "Market on Main Street" program organized by the Town of Rocky Mountain House and local Chamber of Commerce with a view to re-vitalize main street business in the town. This is in response to the universal "move to the big box store" phenomenon in North America and elsewhere which tends to draw business away from traditional main street shopping.

The local public turned out in good numbers at the market, but businesses did not as street stalls are a rather new concept to embrace. However, one can expect that the idea will catch on here, as elsewhere, where great throngs of people fill city streets every day throughout summer and the motor car is put back in its place where it belongs: On the open road. Check out a photo collage on Alberta West Photos here

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