Friday, May 25, 2012

Cool May weather at Caroline's annual parade

Cool dude at the Caroline May Long Weekend Parade

Photos and story by Helge Nome

As always, there were many colorful entries in Caroline's annual parade down Main Street on May 19. The parade is set to coincide with the Victoria Day holiday weekend when thousands of people from the big cities descend on the west country with their recreational vehicles, tents, boats and quads, etc., to get a taste of spring in the great outdoors. The cooler weather seemed to bring fewer people out than last year, but the enthusiasm was certainly up to par.

An impromptu clown entertained in the middle of main street prior to the actual parade, eliciting laughs and applause from the spectators. Two marching bands participated inn the parade: The Red Deer Royals (see separate report) and a group of pipers as well. And the horses and riders always make up a very thematic tail end of the parade, which. as it happens, takes place on Alberta's officially designated "Cowboy Trail".

Power and beauty

For more snapshots of the action, go here

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