Saturday, January 14, 2012

Letter to the editor

Sent: 1/13/2012 10:21:50 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Justifying murder

January 13, 2012


Dear Sir,

Re: "A justified kiling"

Few thinking, traditional Canadians would agree with Lorne Gunter's opinion that the end justifies the means when disposing of Israel's perceived enemies. The nuclear scientist victim in Iran differed little in function from scientists in other countries performing vital tasks with or without possible military applications, yet surely your columnist would not approve of their murder even if other countries professed to see a potential threat from their research. Iran is certainly much more likely to be the victim of Israeli aggression than vice-versa, and Israel already possesses atomic weapons. Would assassination of Israeli scientists thus not be equally or more justifiable? Would Mr Gunter then lead the applause?

It would be interesting to learn how the National Post reacted to the Israeli assassination of Dr Gerald Bull, the internationally-acclaimed Canadian-born expert on long-range artillery who was working on a contract with Iraq. He was told by Mossad to resign from the project and when he refused was murdered in cold blood. The RCMP declined to investigate although a prime witness (a former Mossad agent with knowledge of the murder) lived in Ottawa at the time. When challenged for his inaction, the Commissioner explained that the Force had no authority to investigate since the crime took place outside Canadian jurisdiction. Shortly thereafter however he sent 6 officers to Tel Aviv in connection with the alleged murder of some Jews in Ukraine in 1941, not one of whom was Canadian, let alone a celebrity.

As ever,

Ian V. Macdonald
455 Wilbrod Street
Ottawa ON K1N 6M7
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