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Back in Canada: Mahdi Nazemroaya: telling the truth, exposing NATO war crimes.

by Michel Chossudovsky

The Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG) confirms that Global Research Correspondent Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya returned safely to Canada on Thursday, September 1st, 2011

He was received at Montreal's Pierre Trudeau International airport by members of his family, friends from Ottawa and members of Global Research.

Mahdi Nazemroaya spent the last two months reporting from the war theater in Libya.

His life was in danger for saying the truth. He was directly threatened for providing an account of the war crimes committed by NATO and Rebel forces.

Intensive aerial bombings of Tripoli in the last two weeks. have resulted in several thousand casualties.

He has described the NATO intervention as a criminal act, an outright foreign invasion, with British, French, Italian and US special forces on the ground, working hand in glove with a rebellion largely composed of Al Qaeda affiliated militia.

Mahdi will be speaking at the Commemorative 9/11 Conference in Montreal on the 8 of September 2011.

For details including advanced purchase of tickets click below.

Special Commemorative Conference, Montreal, September 8
- Mahdi Nazemroaya, Cynthia McKinney, Wayne Madsen, Michel Chossudovsky

Mahdi Nazemroaya will also be speaking in Toronto on the 9th of September 20011 together with Cynthia McKinney and Michel Chossudovsky.

The venue organized by the United Church will be held at 7pm, Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor W, Toronto, 416-966-2815,

NATO's Humanitarian Road Map. Screening and discussion with Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya, Cynthia McKinney and Michel Chossudovsky.

Admission: Pwyc

Where: , Bloor Street United Church, 300 Bloor W, Toronto, TORONTO, 416-966-2815
When: 7 pm

We ask our readers to reflect on what Mahdi was achieved while in Libya:

Honest factual reporting, with a concern for human life, in solidarity with those Libyan men, women and children who lost their lives in bombing raids on residential areas, schools and hospitals.

Mahdi's life was threatened for telling the truth, for exposing NATO war crimes.

"Democracy building" in Libya, we are told, requires the extensive bombing of an entire country, under NATO's "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P).

But Mahdi questioned that concept. He challenged the very foundations of war propaganda, which upholds an act of war as a peacemaking endeavor.

Mahdi says the truth. He directly challenges the lies of the mainstream media.

Mahdi's reports challenge the "NATO consensus".

What he has described is the destruction of an entire country, of its institutions, its infrastructure.

This killing and destruction, we are told, is required to instate "democracy" under the colonial flag of King Idris.

We are being lied to in the most despicable way. The victims of NATO aggression are designated as "war criminals", whereas the perpetrators of war are welcomed as "Liberators".

War becomes peace, according to the NATO consensus.

The "international community" has given a rubber stamp to NATO's bombing campaign on the grounds that Gadaffi is a dictator.

Repeated ad nauseam, people ultimately accept the consensus. Killing is a peacemaking endeavor.

How could it be otherwise: Every single news media across the land, people in government, intellectuals have accepted this consensus.

Realities are turned upside down. People are no longer able to think.

They accept the consensus because it emanates from a higher authority which they dare not question.

What we are dealing with is a dogma which nobody can question.

Mahdi Nazemroaya has challenged this consensus by revealing the lies of the mainstream media.

This is the most despicable and immoral war in history, to the extent that even antiwar activists, left wing politicians and so-called progressives applaud.

Its a Blitzkrieg with the most advanced weapons systems. 20,000 sorties since March 31, according to NATO stats, more than 8000 strike sorties.

Each strike sortie involves several targets, most of which are civilian targets.

A small country of 7 million people. Compare this to the bombings of World War II or Vietnam...
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