Sunday, July 10, 2011

Unhappy Italian

Berlusconi : " I was helpless with regard to Italy's involvement in war on Libya".

Italian Prime Minister, Berlusconi said that he was helpless regarding his decision for Italy to participate in war against Libya . Italian media reported that Berlusconi had rejected the western powers led by France and England to involve Italy in war against Libya.

" I was against the decision as everybody knows, but my hands were tightened," said Berlusconi.

Berlusconi's declaration came one week after millions of Libyans held a massive rally on Friday Jul 01, during which Libyan people delivered a message to the world that after 100 days of bombings, the Libyan families, children, women took the streets in massive rallies for challenging Nato's aggressions.

During his speech to Libyan masses , leader of the revolution had said," Berlusconi is helpless" and he challenged him to turn on Libyan TV to watch Libyan people's great challenge.

" Libyans are able to move the battle to Europe. Their houses, offices and families will be legitimate target as they are targeting our houses and children", the leader said. Information source here

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