Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lifeform of the Week: Fennec foxes are all ears

Behold, the terrifying power of cuteness. Image Credit: Wildfeuer

Vulpes zerda is a little fox with big ears. While fennec foxes may look like anime characters, they actually hail from the Sahara Desert, where many of their more fetching features also function in keeping them alive in the harsh climate. How can you get yourself one? We’ll talk about that in a minute.
Gaze carefully at the fennec fox, as it is so preciously cute it’s liable to make your heart explode. As the world’s smallest canid*, they don’t even reach the size of an ordinary house cat. Around 12 inches in length is average, and over half of that is taken up by the tail. And then there are the enormous ears, which typically measure about 6 inches. Not surprisingly, fennecs have impressive hearing, which helps them detect prey living underground. Article here

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