Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pen Meets Paper Dec.6'10

Opinion by Helge Nome
“Cyber warfare” is a term coined fairly recently and involves the competition for control of information used by groups who have conflicting interests, be they nation/states or supranational entities.
Just over 9 years ago, on September 11, 2001, a total of seven buildings in down town Manhattan were flattened, sending shock waves across the information networks of the world. The two tallest ones were struck by passenger planes, creating images that few of us will forget. In the years after that event a lot of questions have been asked about the likelihood of so much destruction having been caused by the impact of two planes only. After all, we are talking about thousands of tons of steel and concrete being reduced to mere rubble over a period of several hours. And video footage of the collapse of tower #7 (WC 7) is a dead giveaway, as it collapses onto its foundations in a perfect fall with no evidence of impact from a large body. The consensus among a lot of professional engineers is that demolition charges had been placed at strategic locations
within these buildings prior to the air attacks and detonated amongst all the confusion that took place on that fateful day.
So, where does that leave us? Basically that it was a pre-planned attack on many fronts by individuals/groups unknown and that the fanatical aircraft pilots were stooges used to create a bogeyman and deflect attention away from the real perpetrators.
What, then, were the objectives of the perpetrators? I think there were several, based on outcomes to date: The 9/11 event created a convenient excuse for a massive military attack on Afghanistan, and also Iraq, by associating the event with group/s allegedly responsible for the attack on Manhattan. But more importantly, the fear factor induced into the North American populace gave rise to repressive legislation and the beginnings
of a police state where citizens are rapidly becoming hostages of their own government.
The next step in this process now appears to be happening with the Wikileaks “scandal”. The founder of that service is now allegedly being sought by Interpol
(whatever that means) to account for his release, on the Internet, of so called “state secrets” that “could endanger the lives of citizens world wide”.
Are we now witnessing another “shock” to the system that will seek to manipulate public opinion to a point where our legislatures and parliaments across the world will enact legislation to censor information traffic on the internet and arrest would be “terrorists”?
Here are some questions not asked by the mainstream media: Who is funding Julian Assange of Wikileaks? How can he move so freely about if he is releasing state secrets
(that turn out to be embarrassing messages from some diplomats, mostly)? How did all this information end up in the lap of Wikileaks? Why hasn’t the website been closed down a long time ago if it poses such a danger to Civilization? Something stinks.
Are Osama and Julian going to join hands in retirement?
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