Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shuffling of feet?

January 13, 2010
(Rimbey, AB) Premier Ed Stelmach promised us a "compassionate" cabinet shuffle today, in an effort to "improved communication.”

The cabinet shuffle presented today is a disappointment to the members of the Lavesta Area Group and UPTAG groups. Cabinet should only be shuffled in an effort to reorganize or further better government. If there was a communications problem, the cabinet shuffle announced today did not address the size and scope of the “Masters of Spin” -- a.k.a. the Public Affairs Bureau. But then again we never did believe Stelmach’s problem was communications. We firmly believe the government did an excellent job of communicating its lack of leadership and incompetence!

The logic of shuffling Liepert to Energy is baffling to us! It may make sense from a public relations point of view to try and placate Calgarians, but Liepert’s handling of his last portfolio was an absolute disaster. Would it not make better sense to appoint a Minister of Energy with some experience of success to impress Calgarians? How about the rest of Alberta, do we factor into the decision to appoint Liepert to manage all our energy interests?

An estimated 30,000 jobs in Alberta could be lost if this government proceeds with plans to over-spend on transmission line infrastructure. The controversial royal scheme is expected to be reviewed once again, which is sure to spark emotions on both sides of the debate. Thousands of jobs are at risk of being lost in the oil and gas sector. Albertans need a competent Minister of Energy with the diplomatic skills and the intellect to comprehend the complexities of today’s energy issues. Liepert may be a heck of a nice guy, but his qualifications as a high school drop-out, a disc jockey, and child-care operator did not serve him well as the Health Minister. How will his qualifications and most recent experience improve the Energy Ministry?
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