Monday, November 16, 2009

AUC agrees to hear the Lavesta's and UPTAG Challenge to AESO's Activities to promote BILL 50

(RIMBEY) Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) has agreed to assign a board panel to adjudicate the Lavesta and UPTAG groups complaint that the Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO) is not in compliance with current legislation.

The groups have complained that the AESO has failed to file an application titled, “a Needs Identification Document (NID)” with the AUC, when the AESO believes a transmission upgrade may be necessary.

AESO has been actively engaged in a public relations campaign to advance the argument that more transmission lines are required. The government has expanded upon AESO’s PR campaign and have advanced the argument by stating, “the NEED for more transmission lines have already been proven by the AESO”.

The complaint asks the board to order AESO to correct the record by informing the public, the Minister of Energy, and the government that AESO has not submitted any application to have a “NEED” approved for more transmission lines. There is no documented evidence in the form of an approved application, required by section 34(1) of the Electric Utilities Act, which proves a “NEED” for more transmission lines exists.

The Lavesta Area Group and the UPTAG groups welcome the board’s decision to hear this complaint. We hope to set the public records straight before the government debates and passes Bill 50.

For more information contact
Joseph V Anglin
Leader of the Lavesta Area Group
(403) 843-3279 or (403) 963-0521
Greg Troitsky, Chairman
UPTAG 403-843-6810
Donald Bur
(416) 481-6960

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